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transformation); or a ≥50% increase from the nadir count confirmed on ≥2 serial assessments if the ALC is ≥30,000/μL and
lymphocyte doubling time is rapid, unless considered treatment-related lymphocytosis. A new organ infiltrate, bone lesion,
ascites, or pleural effusion confirmed due to CLL would also be considered PD.

Treatment-related lymphocytosis is defined as an elevation in blood lymphocyte count of ∋50%
compared with baseline that occurs in the setting of unequivocal improvement in at least 1 other
disease-related parameter, including lymph node size, spleen size, blood counts (hemoglobin and
platelet count), or disease-related symptoms. Treatment-related lymphocytosis is isolated
lymphocytosis that occurs when no other criteria for PD are met. It will not be considered PD.

Auteur: Koen de Heer

Created: 2020-12-23 wo 15:19