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Link to Sites of Historical Interest:

Diogenes of Oinoanda
Photos and information exhibiting the famous ruins in Lycia (modern-day Turkey).

Thomas Jefferson's Garden & Grounds
Jefferson not only endorsed Epicurean ideology, he also shared Epicurus' penchant for gardening.

 Links to Clubs and Organizations:

Friends of Herculaneum
Official website of an Oxford-based society promoting education and research of the World Heritage Site of Herculaneum, the archival and publication of related materials, and the conservation of the artifacts and buildings at Herculaneum for the public benefit.

Culture Places
Home page for West Coast activity group — hosted by Thomas Merle.

Links to E-Mail Lists

Epicurean Philosophy List
Epicurean philosophy and related subjects, hosted by Vincent Cook.

Epicurean Group
Discussion group hosted at Yahoo! Groups.

Il Giardino
Italian-language Epicureanism forum hosted by Michele Pinto.

Links to Other Epicurus Websites: